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Wellbeing Walk

Paikka: Vaihtelevat luontokohteet
Kurssimaksu: 12,00€
Opettaja: Irene Hursti (Opettaja esittely)

kurssikuvaus englanniksi: 

Welcome to connect deeply with nature and develop awareness of life.

On this course we will slow down and I will teach you simple but powerful exercises to help you discover a new and deeper connection with the natural world and yourself. You will also learn about the health benefits of nature. Walking mindfully in nature is a proven way to boost levels of health, wellbeing and happiness. After the course you can feel a bit happier, healthier and more peaceful. The exercises can later on be used anywhere in nature; at your garden, in the park, in the forest or even indoors.

For the walk dress up according to the weather with comfortable shoes.

It is advisable to take with you a sitting pad, bottle of water, a little snack and a pen and a notebook (optional). We will walk slowly approx 3-4 kilometres with easy walking routes, often stopping and sharing thoughts.

Location: Uutela park/nature trail, Vuosaari. The details of the meeting point and instructions are sent to the participants by email.

16.10.2022 - 16.10.2022
Su 10:00-12:00