Kalliolan kansalaisopisto – laadukasta opetusta jo vuodesta 1920

Etusivu / Opettajat / Ken Mai

Ken Mai

I’m Ken Mai, Japanese Butoh Artist, choreographer, and teacher based in Helsinki. I’m a guidance of Butoh from Japan.

I have been practicing and observing the cosmic body for a long period which is deep and infinite so that this practice is fascinating and also helps to find myself and same time for understanding others.

I’m wishing that participants find themself, own movement, and own expression to liberate themself without strict form and control.

I’m also Butoh performer & teacher to explore to the world not only in Finland. Through meet new people and meet different cultures made me open heart and much understanding without any border of nations which is very beautiful to share through the dance with any age, and anybody condition people.

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