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Alan Guerra

I am Alan Guerra, from Culiacan Mexico and I live in Finland since 2019. I am a classical guitar player and I teach guitar at Kalliola. I have a master degree in classical guitar performance from the Sibelius Academy.

My teaching is about sharing experiences. I have had the opportunity to teach students from 5 different continents, from beginners to advanced,  and I have learned that teaching music should always be fun, handy and exciting. The secret of learning how to play an instrument is of course is practice, but no need to be a bunch of boring hours. Is more important to be motivated about learning and to enjoy the music you are creating every time you pick up your guitar. Listening, practicing, resting, and having fun, that is my philosophy about teaching and learning guitar.

In my daily life I do music in every possible way; Teaching, recording, producing and performing. When I am not with a guitar in my hands, I try to do some sports, read, cook and my favorite thing to do is to travel to a place that I have never been before.

Private guitar lessons 5×30