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Etusivu / Kurssit / Vinyasa – Flow Yoga in English

Vinyasa – Flow Yoga in English

Vinyasa – Flow, is a style of yoga that we flow from asanas (yoga poses) to asanas. We will have a proper warm up and move into the flow. The transition between asanas is smooth and ongoing, from gentle to energetic, and then slow down to restorative and relaxing. You will work through the whole body throughout the class, develop muscle strength, release stress, and connect with your breath and your heart. 

This class is taught in English and suitable for all levels, welcome to the class and enjoy with us!

Get to know more about the teacher: Chia-Fang Wu – Kalliolan kansalaisopisto

Paikka: LiikeStudio / Sturenkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki
Kurssimaksu: 99,00€

Opettaja: Wu Chia-Fang

01.08.2022 - 31.07.2023
La 16:30-17:45