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Etusivu / Kurssit / Sound bath

Sound bath

Welcome to experience sound vibrations on your body and mind. During sound bath you will lie on the yoga mat under the planket and bathe in the soothing sounds and vibrations of the various instruments. Irene will use instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, rainmaker, gong or frame drum, sansula kalimba and tingsha bells. Gentle vibrations and harmonious sounds will create a relaxing, meditative experience. Deep relaxation will calm your mind, easing the stress, worries and giving a needed pause.

Sound bath starts with a guided meditation or breathing exercise. The actual playing time is approx 45 minutes. The sound bath ends with guided exercise to the present moment.

Please note that the sound bath is not suitable for people with severe heart disease or during cancer treatments.

Bring with you a yoga mat, a blanket and a small pillow to make you comfortable. Yoga mats are available at Kalliola. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes. No previous experience is needed.

Paikka: LiikeStudio / Sturenkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki
Kurssimaksu: 12,00€

Opettaja: Irene Hursti (Opettaja esittely)

19.11.2022 - 19.11.2022
La 14:30-16:00