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Love your skin with garden herbs

Violets and roses care for our skin while yarrow and calendula cure the wounds. Which garden plants can you use in skincare and how? Grab a small glass jar ⅔ full of your favourite oil that is suitable for your skin and come make some plant magic. The course will be held on an unique and innovative garden center Turntable, that is run by Dodo NGO. Your teacher Kaisa Viitamäki is a kind organic gardener who respects all living things and invites people back to the nature.

Paikka: Dodon Kääntöpöytä / Veturitallinkuja, 00520 Helsinki
Kurssimaksu: 18,00€

Opettaja: Kaisa Viitamäki

18.09.2022 - 18.09.2022
Su 11:00-13:15