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Good Morning Yoga Practice in English

kurssikuvaus englanniksi:

Get a fresh start of the day with this Good Morning Yoga Practice! 

This is for everyone who wants to enjoy a mild practice with slower paces. It is also suitable for seniors, yoga beginners, and whom starts / restarts yoga practice after a long break or due to some other physical conditions. You will learn how to refresh your mind & body, release tensions and soothe your body, and useful postures that you can also do it safely by yourself at home. 

This class is suitable for all levels, welcome to the class and enjoy with us!

Paikka: Kalliola, Sirenius-sali / Sturenkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki
Kurssimaksu: 67,00€

Opettaja: Wu Chia-Fang

26.09.2022 - 05.12.2022
Ma 08:30-09:30