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Contact improvisation for families in English

In this class of 90 minutes children and parents will learn basic skills required to be able to safely and joyfully dance with each other. We will learn fun ways of supporting, turning, sliding and lifting each other. All that will happen through out games and task which will include mostly working in couples and groups but as well some amount of solo work. We will firstly warm up and continue with learning basic principles of dancing in a couple (giving and receiving weight, ways of support, how to roll on the floor and on top of each other’s etc.) and in the end try to improvise with learned material. 

The class is suitable for children from the age 4 to 7 and their parents, grandparents, relatives or friends. You should come in comfortable clothes and socks and a water bottle. There will be a small break halfway the class. 

Fun and laughing is guaranteed. 

Paikka: Kalliola, Sirenius-sali / Sturenkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki
Kurssimaksu: 25,00€

Opettaja: Maja Kalafatic

01.08.2022 - 31.07.2023
La 13:30-15:00