Kalliolan kansalaisopisto – laadukasta opetusta jo vuodesta 1920

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Butotanssi A

Butanssin opetuskieli on englanti. 

kurssikuvaus englanniksi: 

Seek the essence of beauty and recognize that there is both lightness and darkness in nature. When you dance with pure heart the beauty of individual dance appears naturally. The important thing is to purify oneself through the practices of body, mind, breathing and senses before moving into imaginative and transformative work. The feeling of invisible energy movements can be found behind the visible movement. Listening and seeing the movement and silence holds the key to opening your instinctive creativity that reaches to the core of Butoh Aesthetics state. Teaching language is English.

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Opettaja: Ken Mai

16.09.2022 - 09.12.2022
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